MP HSTET Syllabus 2023 & Exam Pattern PDF Download (Part A & B)

MP HSTET Syllabus 2023 & Exam Pattern PDF Download in Hindi & English Part A, B: MPPEB conducts the MP High School Teachers Eligibility Test( MP HSTET) Exam every year. The higher officials of the Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board are planning to conduct the exam on the scheduled date. All the applicants can know the MPPEB High School Eligibility Test Syllabus 2023 through this article. So, Candidates who are interested can Download MP HSTET Syllabus 2023 PDF from the direct link which is given at the end of this page. Further, the MP HSTET Syllabus for Part A and B will help you in preparing well for the exam. Now know the MP HSTET Syllabus 2023 Part A and Part B Syllabus by moving to the next sections.

MP HSTET Syllabus

MP HSTET Syllabus 2023

The written examination of MP HSTET is usually divided into two Parts. Part A is mandatory for all candidates. and Part B requires the selection of one subject. the exam will consists 150 Questions. Now, check this article Completely to know more about MPPEB HSTET Syllabus/ Exam Pattern and start your preparation right away.

MP HSTET Syllabus 2023 – Overview

MP HSTET 2023 Syllabus | Exam Pattern
Organization NameMadhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board
Post NameMadhya Pradesh High School Eligibility Test
Job LocationMadhya Pradesh

Exam Pattern

भाग अ
खण्डविषयप्रश्नों की संख्या (Total Questions)कुल मार्क्स (Total Questions)
1सामान्य हिंदी (General Hindi)0808
2सामान्य अंग्रेजी (English)0505
3सामान्य ज्ञान एवं समसामयिकी घटना, तार्किक एवं आंकिक योग्यता (General Knowledge & Current Affairs, Reasoning & Numerical Ability)0707
4शिक्षाशास्त्र (Pedagogy)1010
 30 प्रश्न (Questions)30 मार्क्स (Marks)
भाग ब
खण्डविषयप्रश्नों की संख्या (Total Questions)कुल मार्क्स (Total Marks)
1स्नातकोत्तर डिग्री विषय प्रश्नपत्र (Post Graduate Degree Subject Question Papers)

The MPPEB HSTET written exam consists of two parts. Part A is mandatory for all applicants, while Part B requires the selection of one subject from the subjects covered. The exam consists of 150 questions to be solved within 150 minutes (2.5 hours), with each question carrying equal marks, totaling up to 150 marks. Negative marking of 0.25 marks applies for incorrect answers. The question paper will be bilingual in Hindi and English, except for language subjects.

Part B, which carries 120 marks, will consist of 120 multiple choice questions. The question paper will include 16 subjects, and candidates will only be able to take the examination in the subject of their postgraduate degree.

MPPEB High School Eligibility Test Syllabus 2023

Are you in confusion to know where to start your preparation for the MP HSTET Exam? then here is an article that can help you know about the Latest Madhya Pradesh High School Eligibility Test Syllabus 2023 Details & MP HSTET Exam Pattern. All applicants can gain maximum marks in the MPPEB MP HSTET Exam 2023 by knowing the complete syllabus. For that reason, we provided the MP HSTET 2023 Syllabus and Exam Pattern. The MP HSTET Exam Pattern 2023 defines the structure of the question paper, so check it in the below section. And by downloading the MPPEB High School Teacher Eligibility Test Syllabus 2023 PDF Aspirants can save the Exam Pattern with Sub Topics of each subject.

MP H.S.T.E.T Syllabus 2023 – Subject Wise

For the sake of Candidates, we have provided the MP HSTET Syllabus for Maths and GAT. All applicants who are going to participate in the MPPEB MP HSTET Exam 2023 must be aware of these Sub Topics. Because all questions in the MPPEB MP HSTET Exam 2023 will be asked based on these Sub Topics. So Aspirants can build a schedule for their test preparation by downloading the MP HSTET 2023 Syllabus PDF. You can find the download link for MP HSTET Syllabus PDF from the important links section.

Part A


विलोम शब्द
समानार्थक शब्द
वाक्यों का अनुवाद
रिक्त स्थान
त्रुटि का पता लगाना


Subject-Verb Agreement
Fill in the Blanks
Error Correction
Sentence Re-Arrangement
Unseen Passage
Idiom and Phrase

General Knowledge & Current Affairs, Reasoning & Numerical Ability

Current Affairs/ events of national and international importanceराष्ट्रीय और अंतरराष्ट्रीय महत्व की घटनाक्रम
History of India and Indian National Movementsभारत के इतिहास और राष्ट्रीय आंदोलन
Physical Geography of India and the Worldभारत और विश्व के भौतिक भूगोल
Social Geography of India and the Worldभारत और विश्व के सामाजिक भूगोल
Economic Geography of India and the Worldभारत और विश्व के आर्थिक भूगोल
अंग्रेजी मेंहिंदी में
General Mental/ Analytical Abilityसामान्य मानसिक / विश्लेषणात्मक योग्यता
Verbal/Logical reasoningशब्दावली / तार्किक तर्क
Relations & Hierarchiesसंबंध और श्रेणियां
Truth Statementsसत्य विवेचना
Coding & Decodingकोडिंग और डीकोडिंग
Situational Reasoningस्थितिगत तर्क
Series & Patterns involving words & Alphabetsशब्दों और वर्णमालाओं से जुड़े शृंखला और पैटर्न
Two and three-dimensional/Venn diagrams based questionsदो और तीन-आयामी / वेन आधारित प्रश्न
Number patternsसंख्या आवृत्तियाँ
Series Sequencesशृंखला क्रम
Basic Numeracy (numbers and their relations, order of magnitude, etc.)मूलभूत गणित (संख्याएं और उनके संबंध, आदेश का क्रम, आदि)
Arithmetic aptitudeअंकगणित क्षमता
Data interpretation (Charts, Graphs or Tables, Data sufficiency, etc.)डेटा व्याख्या (चार्ट, ग्राफ या तालिकाएं, डेटा पर्याप्तता, आदि)
Direction senseदिशा संवेदनशीलता
Analysis and interpretation in various contextsविभिन्न संदर्भों में विश्लेषण और व्याख्या

I. Pedagogical concerns

Curriculum: meaning, principles, types of curriculum organization, approachesपाठ्यचर्या: अर्थ, सिद्धांत, पाठ्यचर्या संगठन के प्रकार, दृष्टिकोण
Planning: Instructional plan- Year plan, Unit plan, Lesson planयोजना बनाना: शिक्षण योजना – वार्षिक योजना, इकाई योजना, पाठ योजना।
Instructional material and Resources: Textbooks, Workbooks, Supplementary material- Audio Visual aids, Laboratories, Library, Clubs- Museums- Community, Information, and Communication Technologyशैक्षणिक सामग्री और संसाधन: टेक्सटबुक, वर्कबुक, अतिरिक्त सामग्री – ऑडियो विजुअल सहायता, प्रयोगशाला, पुस्तकालय, क्लब – संग्रहालय – समुदाय, सूचना और संचार प्रौद्योगिकी।
Evaluation: Types, tools, Characteristics of a good test, continuous and comprehensive evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of scholastic achievement testमूल्यांकन: प्रकार, उपकरण, अच्छी परीक्षा की विशेषताएं, निरंतर और समग्र मूल्यांकन, विद्यार्थी उत्तीर्णता परीक्षा का विश्लेषण और व्याख्या।

II. Inclusive education

Understanding Diversities: Concept Types (Disability as a Dimension of Diversity)अनुभूति विविधताएँ: अवधारणा प्रकार (विकलांगता को विविधता के आयाम के रूप में)
Disability as a Social Construct, Classification of Disability and Its Educational Implicationsसामाजिक निर्माण के रूप में विकलांगता, विकलांगता का वर्गीकरण और शैक्षिक परिणाम
Sensory Impairment (Hearing Impairment and Deaf-Blind), Cognitive Disabilities (Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, and Specific Learning Disability), Physical Disabilities (Cerebral Palsy and Locomotor)ज्ञानेंद्रिय अंतरंगता (सुनने में कमी और अंधों के लिए), ज्ञानसंबंधी विकलांगता (ऑटिज्म स्पेक्ट्रम विकलांगता, बौद्धिक विकलांगता और विशेष शिक्षा विकलांगता), शारीरिक विकलांगताएं (सिबरेब्रल पाल्सी और लोको-मोटर)
Philosophy of Inclusion with Reference to Children with Disabilityसमावेश की दर्शनशास्त्र: विकलांग बच्चों के संबंध में
Process of Inclusion: Concern Issues Across Disabilitiesसमावेश की प्रक्रिया: विभिन्न विकलांगताओं के बीच चिंता विषय
Constitutional Provisionsसंवैधानिक प्रावधान
Education & Technologyशिक्षा और प्रौद्योगिकी

III. Communication & interaction

Communication & InteractionIII. संचार और अंतराक्रिया
Theory of communicationसंचार का सिद्धांत
Types of communicationसंचार के प्रकार
Communication & Languageसंचार और भाषा
Communication in the classroomकक्षा में संचार
Barriers in communicationसंचार में बाधाएं

IV. Educational Psychology

Strategies of Children learning बच्चों के सीखने की रणनीतियाँ
factors affecting learning सीखने को प्रभावित करने वाले कारक
attention, and interest ध्यान, और रुचि
How do children learn? बच्चे कैसे सीखते हैं?

Part B

हिंदी भाषाEnglish Language
संस्कृत भाषाSanskrit Language
उर्दू भाषाUrdu Language
भौतिक विज्ञानPhysics
रसायन विज्ञानChemistry
गृह विज्ञानHome Science
राजनीति विज्ञानPolitics

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